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Master of Arts (MA)



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D. G. Frantz


The following thesis is a study of the phenomenon of question embedding in Southern Tiwa, a Native American language of New Mexico. The introduction includes some observations about Isleta Pueblo, its people, and the language they speak - technically named Southern Tiwa. The first section is a general definition of 'embedded question', and a description of this phenomenon in Southern Tiwa. Also included is a demonstration of how interrogative intent is signalled by the dubitative in both independent and complement clauses. The second section is a comparison of the Isleta embedded question to certain other grammatical constructions - the relative clause, the content question, and the cleft construction. In the final section, paradigms of referential forms are presented with explanations and examples. These paradigms explain the formation of interrogative pronouns, embedding, interrogatives, unspecified referentials, negative referentials, 'random' referentials, and the 'unknown' referential.

Available for download on Thursday, August 01, 2052

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