Nicki Busch

Date of Award


Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Background:The purpose of this project was to review evidence-based literature to determine what factors may affect returning service members in seeking treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. With the identification of these factors an informational pamphlet was created to distribute to rural clinics.

Method: A systematic strategy was used to locate research and literature relating to PTSD in service members published within the last l O years. The search included 6 electronic databases and included the following terms: health belief model; PTSD; posttraumatic stress disorder; baITiers to seeking treatment for PTSD; psychological effects of war; why people don' t seek treatment for PTSD; treating PTSD; help for PTSD; research on PTSD; recent studies on PTSD; data on barriers and treatment to PTSD; evidence-based practice relating to PTSD; and stigmas relating to PTSD

Results :There were 12 studies reviewed. Analysis revealed: a) barriers to mental health care; b) negative stigmas relating to mental health care; c) social and personal attitudes and beliefs to mental health care; and d) risks associated with untreated PTSD. A pamphlet for military service members, primary health care providers, and members of rural communities was created and distributed to address these key areas