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Concussion is a controversial topic right now in the world of sports and emergency medicine. Concussions are a common injury in children and adolescents that are involved in sports. It is important for everyone involved with adolescents and sports know and understand the signs and symptoms of concussions in order to prevent -further complications of concussions. The systems of grading concussions are no longer used, and concussion management has moved towards return to play guidelines. In this case report, a sixteen-year-old female presented to the clinic for a pre-sports physical examination prior to starting volleyball and track, however, she had sustained a concussion six weeks prior. In having a previous concussion, it is prudent to ensure that this patient has no cun-ent post-concussion symptoms. It is also important to evaluate her risk of second impact syndrome. Second impact syndrome does not need to be a severe second injury to the brain. The first injury is believed to have sensitized the brain, and the second injury is devastating. The literature review conducted has shown that the return to play guidelines for concussion and head injury patients are highly individualized. Every practitioner, including those in rural settings, should have an expanded knowledge base regarding concussions and how to manage them