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Master of Science (MS)


Intimate partner violence is a major health care issue in the United States, affecting millions of women annually. The incidence and prevalence of intimate partner violence is essentially the same in rural areas as compared to non-rural; however, rural survivors are faced with barriers in obtaining help and services that non-rural survivors are not. Multiple mental and physical health problems are associated with intimate partner violence and billions of health care dollars are spent annually due to abuse. Nurses need to understand the problem of intimate partner violence and routinely screen all women for abuse. This article describes the unique aspects of intimate partner violence among rural populations. It also provides a screening tool that can be used in all clinics and suggests ways to approach the patient during their visit. It has been concluded that if more women are screened then more women will disclose abuse. The health care team can then help these women seek needed resources to help keep them safe. This in tum will decrease serious health sequelae and the amount of health care dollars spent.