Kelly Stauss

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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Physical activity has long been a major contributor in the management of obesity and could be important for weight loss following surgery. A literature search was completed and identified studies that reported increased physical activity results in increased weight loss post bariatric surgery; however, many studies suggested that patients responded positively to participation in physical activities post bariatric surgery as a means of increasing or maintaining their weight loss. The purpose of this project was to encourage physical activity among post bariatric surgery patients by developing a training group for a SK run/walk. Individuals \Vere recruited from the Merit Care bariatric surgery program to participate in a 6 week 5K training program. The encl goal of the training program was for the participants to complete the Fargo Marathon's 5K run/walk event. An educational brochure with nutritional tips, training tips, and information on the importance of physical activity for continued weight Joss and weight loss maintenance post bariatric surgery was developed and provided to all participants. Upon completion of the Fargo Marathon's 5K event, participants were asked to complete a short questionnaire rating their experience and the usefulness of the brochure. Overall, participants found the information provided in the brochure to be very useful, and all of the participants would recommend this program to others as a means to encourage physical activity. Further research is necessary to determine the impact of physical activity on weight loss and the resolution of comorbidities post bariatric surgery