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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Multiple treatment options are available for mood disorders like depression. Controversy surrounds utilizing healthy living interventions such as diet modification and physical activity as a possibility. A literature review was conducted with an aim to decipher if healthy lifestyle interventions and modifications are beneficial in the treatment of depressive disorders. The Transtheoretical Model was the conceptual framework followed. Results were inconclusive calling for more research regarding diet modification while exercise revealed to be a possible protective factor against developing a depressive disorder. Further research is necessary to close the gap regarding the possibility there is a link between depressive symptoms and diet. Comparing current research regarding depression and diet is unce1iain due to extreme variations in the studies conducted leaving one unable to draw conclusions. Nursing implications include promotion and awareness of healthy living as it is essential across all domains of health. It is also essential that the public and healthcare professionals continue to learn and make changes accordingly in health policy dependent on the most current evidenced-based practice