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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Since the year 2000, when the United States of America declared measles eradicated from all its regions, this country is currently experiencing its highest rate of measles infection. In 2014 alone, across, America there were 16 reported measles outbreaks with close to 500 reported infection cases. This situation raised concerns in both the public health care system and health care policy making. This literature review focuses on, (1) a timeline (1989-2015) of reported measles outbreak across the Unites States. (2) The relationship between measles immunization or lack of immunization in the number of infected persons; and a person's risk of getting infected in the general public. (3) Signs and symptoms of measles infection health Care providers need to watch for during current outbreak. To explore these research questions, on-line research using key words search was conducted. A sample case study of a 9 year old female diagnosed with measles in Grand Forks, North Dakota will also be discussed in this paper. Successful eradication of measles was demonstrated in the past when immunization against the virus was optimum, clinicians are in a position to improve vaccination rate by encouraging and educating their patients to get vaccinated