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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


It is estimated one in five individuals will experience a depressive episode during their lifetime. The risk of dementia doubles every five years after age 65; approximately 40% of those with dementia will also be diagnosed with depression (Byers & Yaffe, 2011). The presenting case, and the premise of this project, was a 65 year old male with complaints of fatigue for a couple of months that has reportedly gotten worse over the past week, otherwise he was in his usual state of health. After a thorough interview, diagnostic labs to rnle out differential diagnoses, and utilization of the PHQ-9 depression screening tool, the patient was found to have a "moderate" y_,,lf.l>,i level of depression without any evidence of dementia. Through an extensive literature review r·~ including the most recent and relevant studies, this project will determine if there is sufficient ~ / rf"i evidence to support a link between the history of depression and the development of dementia. I Depression is often misdiagnosed as dementia, the ability to distinguish the differences will allow the healthcare provider to choose more relevant, effective care that results in positive outcomes, thereby improving the quality of life of the elderly