Paul M. Cerio

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Master of Education (MEd)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of this study was to determine if cardiovascular conditioning did take place during the swimmer's training season.This study was also concerned with developing an index for each swimmer. This index would give a coach a convenient and practical method of establishing the cardiovascular condition of his swimmers for a particular segment of the training season.

The subjects used in this study were two male Caucasians with previous competitive swimming experience. The subjects were tested twice a week during three predetermined segments of the training season. They were tested during the first ten minutes of the regular practice session.

Comparisons were made among the three different segments of the training to see if there was a trend toward cardiovascular conditioning. The index was used to see if it paralleled the testing results as an indicator of cardiovascular conditioning.

The conclusions indicated that cardiovascular conditioning did occur during the testing season. The results, in regard to the index, indicated that with one subject the index was not representative of the cardiovascular conditioning that occured during the season. With the second subject the index paralleled the cardiovascular conditioning which occurred. The size of the test sample was too small to indicate a definitive relationship between the index and cardiovascular conditioning, but the use of the index does show promise.