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Graduate Project

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


There is a great n eed f or cu 1t urally competent nurse practitioners within the health care system H . . · owever, the literature 1s lacking regarding the utilization of services or the health-seeking behaviors of Native Americans with mental illness. There is increased morbidity and mortality afflicting racial and ethnic populations. Poor health of these populations may be attributed to poverty, lack of health care access, and cultural competence of health care providers (Geiger, 2001 ). As diversity increases within the general population, health care providers have a greater responsibility to become culturally competent to provide better diagnoses, treatment and outcomes of minorities as they seek health care. A review of literature including articles from the past nine years was performed. Madeline Leininger's Sunrise Model served as a framework for this project. This literature review examined the literature addressing health-seeking behaviors of various minority cultures to assist health care providers with knowledge that supports the provision of culturally competent care for Native Americans with Ml. The review of literature examined the comparison of health-seeking behaviors of Native American people with Ml to rural, Black, Chinese, and Korean Americans as well as people with Ml from the general population. This comparison expanded the ability of a culturally competent provider to be responsive to their clients' unique cultural needs. This information will assist health care providers in being g more e effective in their utilization of cultural preservation, accommodation, or restructuring.