Michael Kropp

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Graduate Project

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


Background: Although it is easy to determine dissatisfiers with healthcare, satisfiers may be difficult to discern and may depend on the uniqueness of each person receiving care. Determining common satisfiers for parents of hospitalized children would aid in alerting healthcare professionals of parent expectations in quality patient-centered care. To achieve the goal of parent satisfaction, it is imperative to understand healthcare provider behaviors that contribute to holistic care and lead to parents feeling empowered.

Purpose: This project investigated the literature for behaviors of healthcare professionals that reportedly lead to parental satisfaction with the care of their children, in order to educate healthcare professionals of behaviors for possible inclusion in their practices.

Audience: The knowledge compiled from this project was presented in a poster fonnat at two professional scholarly conferences, one with a focus of advanced nursing education at the graduate level, and one of graduate school projects of varying subjects.

Plan: A review of literature was completed to determine satisfiers and dissatisfiers in the care of children in various healthcare settings. The :findings of dissatisfiers and satisfiers were compiled until saturation indicated a commonality among findings in both. A poster was created highlighting patient satisfiers along with theoretical framework and review of literature

Theoretical framework: Utilizing the framework of Orem's self-care deficit theory, parents must gain skills necessary to care for their dependent children. By healthcare professionals providing care that leads to satisfaction, the parent is assisted to function in the role of providing the dependent care, leaving them feeling empowered and capable.

Implications: The determination of common satisfiers is an important endeavor that will lead to healthcare provider education that can potentially change practice to include the found satisfiers. This information can also lead to implementation of policies to include satisfiers that will result in more satisfaction with healthcare overall. It will also help to guide further research