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Graduate Project

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


Background: Drowning continues to be a leading cause of accidental death in children of all age groups. Furthermore, parents and caregivers are unaware or know little about the issue of suction entrapment and entanglement in pools and spas. This issue is also overlooked in the public eye and when an entrapment or entanglement does occur causing the death of a child, it is simply reported as an accidental drowning. Therefore, suction entrapment and entanglement along with drowning will be explained in great detail to educate the reader on this health risk.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to examine the problem of hair and body entrapment in pools and spas leading to drowning among children and to provide education on this serious health risk to parents and caregivers .

Audience: The information gathered from this project was presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Research conference at an upper Midwestern community University on September 21, 2007. !twas also presented at the Graduate School 2008 Scholarly Forum. The information was explained utilizing a poster presentation with colorful pictures and diagrams explaining the important points of the project. The poster will be given to the local Safe Kids Coordinator to be distributed in an upper Midwestern community of 50,000 people .

Plan: A review of literature was completed on drowning, entrapment, and entanglement involving children and what research has been completed on this health topic. A poster was created focusing on educating the parent or care provider on the issues explained above and prevention tactics that can be incorporated into homes or healthcare practice .

Theoretical framework: Since children are unable to meet all of their self-care needs, it is the decision of this author to utilize Orem's self-care deficit theory to explain and guide this project. Children are dependent upon parents or caregivers to meet a bulk of their needs and therefore qualify according to Orem and do not meet the requirements for self-care .

Implications: Research into the health risks involved with entrapment and entanglement leading to drowning is crucial in providing healthcare providers with the information necessary to educate their patients, especially parents of at risk children. Recommendations for nursing practice, research, policy, and education were addressed. Even though parents are unaware of these risks, education will decrease the incidence of these events occurring .