Erin Beck

Date of Award


Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


Every year, traumatic injury accounts for more than five million deaths, and millions of more hospitalizations and emergency department visits worldwide. If the trauma patient does reach the hospital, more than half of those die from hemorrhage (Roberts, Shakur, Coats, et al., 2013) .

A review of literature was performed to evaluate the use of TXA in the traumatically injured patient experiencing hemorrhage or at significant risk for hemorrhage. It was concluded the use of TXA was indicated in this patient population, and the implementation of its use in the acute care setting was appropriate.

The Theory of Symptom Management Model was used as a theoretical framework to assist in identifying the symptom of problem, identify appropriate management strategies and also implementing those strategies in the hospital system, and then define the outcomes to be measured to track the effect of TXA use in this patient population.

The use of TXA in the traumatically injured patient was implemented in the hospital system. It was first approved by the appropriate physician-based committees. A policy was constructed, and appropriate nursing staff were educated on the administration of TXA.