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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Objective: To determine the strength of the evidence evaluating the effectiveness of IPV as a safe alternative or adjunctive therapy to traditional CPT among potential organ donors .

Data Sources: Literature search conducted February 2015-November 2015 using PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus, and bibliographies of pertinent articles. Search terms: intrapulmonary percussive ventilation, chest physiotherapy, chest wall oscillation, organ donors, and ventilation .

Study Selection: Articles in English from 1994 to present directly compared IPV to CPT or conventional (no) therapy .

Data Extraction: AACN Levels of Evidence was used to determine the strength of evidence . Level B and Level C articles were used .

Data Synthesis: No studies were found utilizing IPV in the donor population. Results from studies utilizing IPV in other populations indicated IPV had no adverse effects, improved sputum clearance, oxygenation, and reduced atelectasis and pneumonia in patients with artificial airways

Conclusions: IPV may be a safe, and effective alternative or adjunctive CPT therapy and improve the number of lungs available for transplantation. Clinical research is essential to determine the effectiveness of this therapy for lung recruitment in the donor population .

Key Words: chest physiotherapy, intrapulmonary percussive ventilation, lung recruitment, organ donor, ventilation