Date of Award

December 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Teaching & Learning

First Advisor

Pamela K. Beck


This research explored ways in which educators can provide learners with differentiated instruction through student choice that provides engagement to positively interact with a student’s reading identity. Throughout their learning journey, learners may have both positive and negative experiences with reading that directly affect their reading identity. Students need support and guidance through multiple learning opportunities of choice in their reading and making positives connections with literature while reaching set learning objectives.In this dissertation, relevant literature was reviewed, investigating the benefits of student choice in reading and the effects that choice has on a student’s reading identity. The primary goals of this study included providing educators with an easy to navigate blog containing resources from existing research to help maximize the benefits of children obtaining positive reading identities in teachers’ classrooms through multiple ways of giving students choices in reading material. The methodology for this study involved a qualitative, mini-ethnographic case study that followed the inquiry process to inform practice. Key findings include the importance of having teachers who are readers and can support and guide students to read through sharing and talking about books that connect to student interest which will increase their motivation to read and learn. Additionally, there needs to be a variety of reading methods utilized within the classroom. Finally, offering student choice and student interest reading material leads to greater motivation to read.