Maharshi Dey

Date of Award

December 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Surojit Gupta


Non-oxide ternary and/or quaternary ceramics called MAX and MAB Phases have attracted a lot of interest in the recent years due to their remarkable properties like damage tolerance, and triboactive behavior as compared to their binary counterparts. These properties make these materials a strong candidate for several high temperature, hypersonic and structural applications. A wide variety of compounds including Cr2AlC and MoAlB, belonging to the same class of materials, have also been reported over the last few decades. These materials have been used as bulk materials, reinforcements and matrices for different composites and coatings on different substrates, apart from different other applications. Moreover, deintercalation of these materials to form 2D MXene and MBene sheets with enhanced properties has also been reported. Efforts of mass manufacturing these materials to reduce their cost to make them more attractive to industrial scale manufacturing have also been done. However, the intrinsic disadvantages of high costs, long fabrication times and lack of sustainable methods for synthesizing these compounds still exist. We have targeted these gaps via different projects as reported in separate chapters of this dissertation. Use of sustainable alternative precursors, fabrication process optimization, reducing fabrication temperature and time and using waste materials have been done in this research work. This is one of the first efforts to show that these fascinating materials can be fabricated by using sustainable, efficient, and economic methods, thus reducing the fabrication costs and energy requirements. This PhD dissertation is expected to contribute significantly to the efforts of large-scale manufacturing of MAX and MAB phase materials in future by making it more attractive to industry with the possibilities of using the faster, cheaper, and efficient methods developed in this work.