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In providing financing or raising capital, the owner managers of small businesses are frequently not aware of all the sources of funds that are available. A better understanding of these different sources of money could remove a big stumbling block to small business financing.

The owner-manager of a small firm should know all about the sources of funds--what the different sources are, where they can be obtained, how they can be obtained, who authorizes their release, what requirements must be met to secure them, when and how they must be repaid, etc.

On the other hand, the owner-manager of a small firm should also be aware of some of the problems that are inherent in small business financing. If he is aware of the problems or possible pitfalls, he may then attempt to steer clear of them.

It was with the goal in mind of making these money sources, their acquisition, and their attendant problems better known, that this study was written.

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