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Basic to the development of featherbedding are the fear of displacement and resistance to the use of the machine. Featherbedding grew out of an environment of violence in which destruction of machinery was frequent and represents a more civilized (sic) manner by which workers can protect their employment opportunities. Since the plight of workers affected by technological change concerns many groups of workers in the economy, different attitudes toward displacement and technological change are examined in this study.

Clearly apparent is the fact that featherbedding is part of the larger problem of technological displacement •. As industrial and governmental techniques and programs reduce the fears 1-mich workers have of new machine, featherbedding will also decline. Although it may be true that craft unionism must bear some of the blame for mallee-work practices and attitudes, generally the best method of ridding industry. of this practice is to tackle the overall problem of displacement by promoting practices that increase job security.

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