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Independent Study

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The purpose of the study was to identify and discuss variables that have an effect on the sale of grain handling equipment. A case study format was used to present the analysis. The problem addressed in the study is the inability of the case study company to forecast sales. It was hypothesized that sales could be predicted using data from previous years. Multiple regression was preformed using two independent variables: the number of acres of corn harvested for grain, and the government loan rates for on farm storage facilities, with past sales of the company being the dependent variable. Other variables were discussed but not included in the actual statistical analysis. The study was limited to the state of Iowa for two variables: equipment sales in Iowa and acres of corn harvested from grain in Iowa. This limitation was places on the study until the practicality of further study was apparent. The findings of the study were that the interest rate variable was not a good indicator of sales and the number of acres harvested was just as good of an indicator by itself as when included with the interest rate variable. The conclusion was drawn that more variables were needed to improve the worth of regression equation.

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