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Independent Study

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Electronic Data Pro9essing is one of the most significant developments in recorded history. Many commercial banks have computers installed on their premises or lease computer time from a service company. A significant proportion of the installed systems are underutilized both in the number of applications programmed and total computer run times. This is a result of bank management's ignorance of electronic data processing characteristics and the subsequent poor and incomplete planning.

A commercial banking firm should establish electronic data processing feasibility study machinery on a. permanent basis. The creation of a permanent staff of junior bank executives should ensure intelligent planning for future computer system requirements and profitable expansion of existing data processing capacity. An information library, requiring little expense, should be maintained to assist staff members to keep abreast of data processing developments. The staff assignments should be in addition to departmental assignments to ensure a continual, yet inexpensive, welding of banking functions with computer technology on a practical basis

This staff should evaluate the bank's present system of data processing and then establish a systems analysis approach to evaluating future electronic data processing requirements and systems. Profitability will be determined largely by a commercial bank's establishments and application of such a system's approach.