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During the early 1960's, an increasing number of U.S. industrial corporations moved into the world of public affairs, The trend had been evident for some time, but ·observers of the movement did not realize exactly how much it was growing.

Examination of recent public affairs surveys conducted by the National Industrial Conference Board and Effective Citizens Organization, Inc., has provided some surprising answers to the extent of public affairs participation by business, Of I,033 U.S. corporations surveyed by the NICB, 815 were found to have a public affairs function.

The grouping of the elements of public affairs permits the development of two public affairs "models." A "significant" public affairs program requires a written statement of policy on public affairs.

The history of public affairs participation by business is short, and can be thought of as an introduction to the future. Public affairs is appearing as a newly created function of management that is commanding the attention of our top business leaders. As the problems of government and business become more complex, business can no longer sit back in-satisfied complacency. Public Affairs can be a productive industrial investment.

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