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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The problem statement to be discussed is the training function in business today, including a review of training alternatives available and how these alternatives can be made to fit a company's needs in a cost-effective manner. The method used for this paper is a review of recent articles regarding training. The majority of the materials reviewed were written by professional training management persons or training consultants. These people should have a working knowledge of the training function. Information was also drawn from personal experience, since a portion of my job includes being education officer for the company. The resulting information provides a review of the training management function, how training is affected by the size of the business and its goals and objectives. Also, attention is given to the costs and benefits of training and how they may be determined. The overall goal of this paper was to give an overview of training in business and raise the awareness that training is really still in its infancy. The conlusions reached concur with that goal.

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