Date of Award

January 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Shayne Daku


Safety event reporting is an essential component of Safety Management Systems (SMS) that helps organizations identify and address hazards. USCG aviation has a robust safety reporting process, however subject matter expert review and academic studies suggest that underreporting occurs in the USCG and in similar organizations, and that certain barriers to reporting may exist. A survey was designed and distributed to active duty USCG aviators (151 valid responses received) to identify historical reporting behaviors, attitudes towards pre-identified barriers, qualitative perceptions of reporting barriers, and attitudes towards potential new reporting policy and processes. Statistical analysis of the results found that lack of perceived program value was the greatest barrier to reporting, followed closely by inconvenience. Lack of knowledge and fear of retribution were lesser concerns. Additionally, results showed that 21% of the respondents have knowingly underreported a safety event in the past. Demographic differences were studied, resulting in the observation that reporting barriers and underreporting appeared to be more prevalent for fixed-wing versus rotary-wing aviators, and that prior safety training significantly improved attitudes towards numerous constructs.