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Master of Arts (MA)


Educational Foundations & Research


This thesis is an introduction to a recent development in the visual arts . The art of light and structure and its inherent implications have so thoroughly captured the imagination of a new generation of artists that it is rapidly becoming the major artistic force of our century.

The thesis concentrates on the background, the theory, and some of the implications of these developments. It is highly biased and to the fullest extent concerns itself with the personal orientation I have committed myself to in the creation of my own art. It involves itself with discussions of my aesthetic philosophy as well as the influences « and mechanics which contribute to the creation of my individual visual statement.

Purposefully, the concepts contained in the thesis will reinforce my belief that the phenomenon of light and structure will continue to be a principal compulsion in the plastic arts.

As with any document conceived in the middle of a rapidly evolving, highly sophisticated environment, it is expected to be topical and incomplete. It has been written, by a participant in the midst of a young activity. Within this obvious limitation it attempts to be a demanding and meaningful stimulus to those who read it.