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This study was designed to gather information pertaining to the status of recreation and parks in North Dakota cities. This study was structured to gain information on park and recreation responsibilities, recreation programs and services, park and recreation facilities and recreation and park financial procedures of cities in North Dakota.

The survey technique was employed in this study. Questionnaires were mailed to cities in North Dakota with a population of 75 or more people. Two hundred and ninety questionnaires were sent out and 215 were returned for a total return of 74.1 per cent.

The findings showed that nearly all the cities in North Dakota have some form of recreation for the citizens of their city. However, most recreation programs are provided for the younger citizens, rather than the adult, during the summer months. The findings also revealed that only six cities in North Dakota employ a full-time recreation director.

The writer concluded that qualified recreation leadership in government, programming, direction and supervision was lacking in most North Dakota cities. Recommendations included: 1. All cities in North Dakota should consider formal organization of parks and recreation boards. 2. State colleges and universities should provide opportunities for specialization in the field of recreation. 3. Park boards and school boards should try to cooperate and coordinate efforts to provide recreation for the citizens of the community.