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Electrical Engineering


The purpose of the study was to trace the development of national co-operative appliance advertising and promotional activities of the electric utility industry from 1882 to 1963. The principle source of information was the electrical trade magazines.

The advertising program of the electric utility industry has changed from emphasis on direct selling to coordination of national co-operative appliance campaigns. Advertising co-operation between retailers, manufacturers and the electric utility industry has been in existence since 1933.

The "Live Better Electrically" campaign is the most recent and successful of any co-operative promotional and advertising program. The Edison Electric Institute, representing the electric utility industry, assumed leadership of this campaign in 1959. The purpose of the "Live Better Electrically" campaign has been to add utility company support to the efforts of manufacturers and retailers to increase appliance sales. The campaigns have been geared to the mass consumer market in order to create an image of electric living comparable to the national campaigns by the gas industry.

The media mix employed by the electric utility industry has been altered over time to include radio and television along with the newspapers, magazines and direct mail.