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Master of Arts (MA)


Art & Design


The purpose of this study Is to explain my theory of painting. Why I paint as I do Is a conplex natter. My painting Is neither accidental nor the tracing of surface reality. Neither my painting techniques nor the philosophy which guides then is purely spontaneous. On the contrary, both have consciously evolved out of the past. In this study I attempt to explain all the elements on which I have drawn on in my search for expression.

(1) While my philosophy Is expressive of the realities of this atomic age. it Is still aware of Plato's Insight Into reality. (2) While my techniques are somewhat In keeping with modern expressionism, they are definitely modified by classical overtones. (3) While my philosophy controls which I see, while my techniques control how I express what I see, and while I am not at all satisfied that I have achieved a proper fusion of these elements, the product bears that modification of those elements which make my unique expression.