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Master of Arts (MA)


Art & Design


This study involves the artistic presentation of the concept that: •’Man prostitutes himself and is trapped by his own prostitution." The chief problems of the thesis were the clarification of that concept and its subsequent interpretation in aesthetic form.

Formulation of the basic idea demanded an examination of prostitution in its broader aspects. The use of man's talents for base purposes was considered in the areas of public relations, business, corporation operation, art, education and religion. Then consideration was given to the assemblage as an aesthetic communicative device. This discussion involved the level of articulation available to the assemblage, and the emotive use of non-art objects in art work.

A series of assemblages were projected to communicate the basic concept. The assemblages were first considered in view of their technical and aesthetic qualities. Their execution was then explored in detail. This exploration involved surface quality, material, the physical scale of the work, and the relation of the parts to the total work.

The conclusions derived from this thesis were open-ended but indicated the potential of the assemblage as a method of aesthetic communication or concepts.