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Art & Design


It is the purpose of this thesis to explore the role of nature \ ' as it is linked to the non-objective artists of fee twentieth century and to discuss fee role of the artist1s creative spirit.

ifimt fee artist sees in nature differs from what exists in nature and the problem of relating nature to fee artist’s personal reality becomes complex. Visual sensations induced by nature and acquired by the artists have expanded due to the new concepts of nature. These concepts require fee artist to feel fee dynamic energies of nature as well as its outside appearance. The artist 3ees in nature and interprets fee new scientific marvels feat include fee space age and fee microscope. There are two dominating approaches to ncmfigurative art which influence contemporary artistsJ (1 ) the meditative which is a deliberate attempt to evoke images as seen in the work of Baaiotes and other twentieth century artists and (2) fee expressive which is a spontaneous expression of Inner impulse as viewed in the work of Pollock.

Often fee non-objective artist relies on visual nature only as an initiative forcej thereafter, fee artist's creative spirit stimulates him in determining what directions his personal expression will take* 'Die artist’s sensibility, imagination, his awareness of form and color, his need to express ills own inner feelings about fee reality he believes in; all have an influence on the artist’s personal voice.

This writer has responded intuitively to the integrated experiences received frets nature in his work. Other influences on hi® works include the work of contemporary artists* criticisms on his work and art history.