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Master of Science (MS)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this paper is to compile an annotated bibliography of team teaching in business education.. The paper is designed and organized to study current literature for the purpose of classifying team teaching.

A thorough search was made for articles,- periodicals, and books related to the subject in the library of the University of North Dakota, Dr. John L. Rowe’s personal liorary, and in the writers personal library. The Business Education Index, The Education Index, and the card catalogue were the sources of the references.

All titles of articles that may have had some connection with the subject were placed on ^x5 cards. These cards were then sorted 'by names of periodicals and by years.

After reading an article, a synopsis was written on the card. The cards were then categorized under the following aajor headings: 1. Pertaining Directly to Business Education. 2. Pertaining Indirectly to Business Education.