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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


This study was designed to gather information pertaining to the preparation and assignment of physical education teachers and coaches in North Dakota, This study was structured to gain information concerning the number of semester hours taken in physical education and coaching courses on the college level. It also determined tins present teaching loads of physical education teachers and coaches in North Dakota.

The survey technique was employed in this study. Questionnaires were mailed to physical education teachers and coaches in North Dakota. Seven hundred and thirty questionnaires were sent out and 550 were returned for a total return of 75.34 per cent.

The findings of this study show that nearly one fifth of the physical education teachers and/or coaches are not qualified to teach physical education in North Dakota according to the North Dakota state law. It was also found that the majority of those who have physical education majors and minors have over the minimum required number of hours for these respective majors and minors. The findings of this survey also show the preferred fields of graduate study chosen by the respondents. The suggestion that the state of North Dakota enforce the law requiring a major or minor in physical education to teach this subject was the main recommendation coming from the findings of this study.