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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


This study traces a brief history of the following selected items of typewriting equipment and teaching aids: (l) adjustable tables, desks, and chairs; (2) demonstration stands; (5) copyholders; (4) erasers; (5) azoic and rhythm devices; and (6) keyboard charts.

Advertisements and articles appearing in business education periodicals and books, found in the library at the University of North Dakota, are the main sources for this research. A limited number of letters, requesting historical information, were sent to manufacturers and advertisers of the above equipment items. Their replies provided additional data for the study.

The findings of the study are presented under the six headings listed. The history of each selected equipment area presents a brief overall view. The history of these items reveals a wide variety of ideas and many differences of opinion. Many of these ideas and opinions have changed as a result of debate, experience, research findings, and reflective thinking.

Further ideas, drawings, and information about the selected equipment and teaching aids are presented in the appendixes.