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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The purpose of this study was to compare changes observed during an experimental period involving two training methods utilized to increase muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, and agility.

The subjects selected for this study were freshman and sophomore students at the High School of Fertile, Minnesota enrolled in the required physical education classes. This selection was a random choice of one weight training group and one endurance training group. Both groups participated in their respective exercise programs for a period of eight weeks.

Each group was tested on six test items consisting of push-ups, burpees, shuttle run, broad jump, pull-ups, and sit-ups. These test items were administered at the beginning of the experimental period and after the eight weeks of training.

Comparisons were made between the mean differences within each group on each test item as indicated by the pre-test and re-test. The null hypothesis was assumed with respect to the differences withing groups. This hypothesis was tested tith the "t" technique for the difference between means derived from correlated scores from small samples. Comparisons were also made between the weight training group and endurance training group by testing the significance of the difference between the mean differences found with the groups. The between group comparison used the "t" technique for correlated data from small samples.

Based on the results of this study, both groups changed significantly on test items within the groups. However, the treatment of the data with respect to the differences between the two groups indicated a significant difference at the .05 level of confidence in the push-up test item.