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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The purpose of this investigation woo to tbs percent- age of weight loss in comparison to the chronological age of ell hope participating in high school wrestling in the state of North Dakota during tho school pear 1966-67. The writer also attempted to prove that the average weight lees of ell wrestlers would not exceed 10 por coot of tho norual body weight.

The survey method woo employed in this study. Questionnaires wore sent to the 63 high schools la North Dakota which have participants in wrestling. Thirty-four of tho 63 questionnaires wore returned for a total return of 33.9 por coat.

13m results of tho study wore based upon e total of 447 high oehool wrestlers from the 34 North Dakota schools. The data was analysed on the basee oft number of subjects In each weight class, seen chronological age end swan parcantaga of weight lose la these weight divisions. The mean percentage of weight loae for this entire group wee 3.91 per cent of the subjects' body weight. The mesa chronological age of tho subjects was sixteen years and one and one-half months. The number of wrestlers that exceeded the maximum recommended 10 per cent body weight loee wee 31. This constituted 11.4 per cent of the entire group of subjects.

On the bases of the findings of this study, it wee concluded that the percentage of weight Ion Is not dliutly influenced by tho chronological ego of tho wrestler. It woo alee concluded that the percentage of weight looa varied fro* one school to another. The final conclusion was thatt a coach rarely has justification la his receanendlng that the weight of natwring beys be reduced beyond the 10 per cent Halts, unless It can be proven that the noraal growth and developweat of these young nan sore not hindered.