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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The participating high schools in this study were those at Killdeer and Halliday in North Dakota. The Killdeer and Halliday ”AM and ”Bn basketball squads were used for the study. The Groups on each team were paired, on the basis of a matched pre-test, to within approximately one percentage point of each other.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether intrinsic or extrinsic motivation in practice has an effect as to the improvement of the percentage of free-throws made after an experimental period and, in addition, under game conditions.

The intrinsically motivated Group I practiced free throw shooting for self-improvement. Extrinsic Group II shot free- throws in competition for awards one night a week on a percentage basis of free throws made out of 25 attempts. Extrinsic Group III shot free-throws in competition for awards three nights a week on a percentage basis of free-throws made out of 75 attempts. Extrinsically motivated Groups II and III were compared, on a percentage basis, to determine a winner at the end of the basketball season.

Based on comparisons of the results from pre-test to post-test, all groups indicated a significant gain at the .05 level. All groups made a similar improvement and the between group comparisons indicated no significant differences at the .05 level. Extrinsic Group III revealed a considerably higher percentage of successful attempts over other groups under game conditions.