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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


Tho purpose of U*t* study was to detertsine tho effectiveness of using d.amo«J*atto teaching isothods In achieving physical education aims and objective® i si tho high school level.

for the basis of evaluation in this study, experimental and control groups wore selected. he experimental group was taught under a democratic environment while the control group was taught in the traditional physical eduer. ;ion raarmer. The democratic teaching methods employed in this investigation allowed tor pupil-teacher planning in the selection of aims and objectives, clave activities, and the methods of choosing squads and squad leaders. The duration of the study was for one school year.

Fre~ and post-tests of knowledge, motor skills, and fitness were used for both groups. An evaluation checklist of outcomes was administered at the time of the second testing*

At the beginning of the study, initial testing showed both groups to be oca sparable In ability as indicated by the knowledge and motor skills tests. The control group scored significantly higher on the fitness test.

At the conclusion of the study the experimental group had improved si^yiifi- eoatlif In all tests at the .Ui level of confidence. ’The control group improved significantly on the motor skills test, but not on the knowledge and fitness tests. Essulta of ths eoaperlscns between grouts indicated that the experlawr* feel groups had scored significantly higher than the control group in all areas of mefceureiaenfc, including the evaluation checklist of outcomes.