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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of weight training m the distance a girl could throw • hell# The arm, wrist, and shoulder were the specific srees chosen for concentration on strength development# These areas ere used extensively in the sot of throwing#

The participants who volunteered for the experimental group wear# twenty-crop women enrolled in two gymnastics olessee at the University of north Dakota. These women performed three separate weight training exercises twice e week for six weeks in addition to their regular class work. The control group consisted of volunteers from a tennis class, a track and field class, and two rhythmics classes#

Before the weight training began, both groups were given a teat on the basketball throw for distance# The best score of three trials was recorded to the nearest foot#

The “matched pairs** technique was used to equate the groups from the basketball test scores, Each score in the experimental group had a similar or nearly similar one to match it in the control group.

After the training program, both groups were retested. The scores of the experimental group Ineree sad a lightly. Control group scores showed s slight decrease, neither the increase nor decrees# was statistically significant at the #05 level of significance.

Because of the consents the participants gave concerning the enjoyment end benefit of the weight training program* it is recommended that this type of training for girls be further investlgeted*