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Master of Science (MS)


Physics & Astrophysics


Other workers have attributed the anomalous absorption of ultrasonic waves in certain liquid mixtures as being due to the formation of molecule clusters. A study was performed on two binary liquid mixtures employing small angle scattering of x-rays. Water-tertiary butanol mixtures and ethanol-glycerin mixtures were each studied in various concentrations.

The scattered intensity was measured as a function of scattering angle. Certain necessary corrections on the raw data were performed. Using this corrected data a Guinier plot was made for each solution studied. From the Guinier plot it was possible to determine a radius of gyration for the clusters in each sample. A plot of the radius of gyration vs concentration was made for each of the two systems studied.

It was found that molecular cluster formation apparently does take place in the mixtures and that the size of the clusters varies with concentration, with a maximum radius of gyration at an intermediate concentration.