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Measurements of the dielectric constants of liquid argon, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and three organic liquids were made with an alternating current series capacitance bridge operating over the frequency range from twenty cycles per second up to one hundred kilocycles per second. The liquefied gases were measured at their boiling points at atmospheric pressure and the organic liquids were measured at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The measurements were made with a bridge circuit in which a parallel plate capacitor was used as the sample capacitor and a Wagner ground auxilliary circuit was used to eliminate the effects of stray capacity.

The measured dielectric constants were found to be independent of frequency as expected and therefore are the static values. The value of the dielectric constant of liquid argon as measured by this method is 1.502. The value of the dielectric constant of liquid oxygen measured here is 1.488. The dielectric constants of liquid nitrogen, trichloroethylene, cyclohexene and iso-propyl ether were measured by this method primarily to serve as additional checks of the apparatus.