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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


Is study was designed to gather Information concerning curling for i-.lgh school age students In the atales of north DaJo»tet Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan* '/’he study was structured to gain information In. the areas of history, finance and sponsorship of high school curl* !**&• It also determined the present level of interest In curling amg high school students,

Tfco survey method was employed in this study* Questionnaires were sent to those persons believed most closely associated with high school curling In each towi or city with a curling ‘rink, Seventy questionnaires a’ero sent out and forty—eight we-re returned for a total return of 68,87 per cent,

n1hn findings of this survey' suggest that school-, sponsored our!lag programs for high school students are sore beneficial than programs with other means of Sponsorship, It was also found that the level of interest In ourllng njc high school age students had increased tfreatly, Ad-Jjool ■ ing wttn of this will spc . Tho suggestion that the respoe fcivo dfcafce High >cttvtt *.*» Associations Adopt the aport of curl- the main ree