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Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The author undertook this study to acquaint him- self with tlie administrative policies and procedures utilised by Horth Dakota's high schools in the operation of their golf teens* When feasible, these policies and procedures were appraised by comparing then with accepted standards of operating high school athletic teens as advocated by acknowledged leaders in the field of physical education*

The administrative practices as determined by personal interviews with fourteen of North Dakota's high school golf coaches involvedi CD The coach — His qualifications, duties and remuneration* (2) The program — Selection of teen members, conduct of practices, scheduling of matches, eligibility requirements and athletio awards* C8) Facilities and equipment — The nature of the facilities and equipment provided the golf teams by the schools* (*) financing — The coat to the schools of facilities, equipment and traveling expenses. Some of the more significant findings of the study were* <1) Twenty-four of the 313 high schools in fiorth Dakota or eight per cent, sponsored golf teems. Of the twenty-four schools having golf teams, seventeen were class "A" schools. (2) Of the fourteen schools surveyed, seven or fifty per cent, employed golf coaches with at least a minor in physical education. (3) Eight of the schools, or fifty-seven per cent, reimbursed their golf coaches for their additional duties. The acan amount of this reimbursement was approximately one hundred, thirty dollars per season.