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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The purpose of this study was to determine the changes e licited by modern dance techniques on the flexibility and body balance of college f r e s h man football p la y e r s .

Two groups were requested to participate in the study. An experimental group of fifteen su b je cts, which experienced a modern dance program twice weekly, and a control group of thirteen su b je c ts, that did not participate in modern dance, were utilized in this study.

The two groups were given a pretest for flexibility with the Leighton Flexometer and a p re te s t for body balance with the Stork Stand T e s t for Balance. The same items were also administered at the conclusion of the modern dance program.

Two s ta tis tic a l comparisons were made: (1) A within group comparison between the p re te st and r e te s t means of each group, and (2) a comparison between the means on the re te s ts of each group in the a re a te sted . The null hypothesis was assumed in analyzing the significance of the difference between means at the .0 5 lev e l.

The re sults of comparison showed a significant de crea se by the control group in two of the five a re a s te s ted . The control group also evidenced a de crease in a third a re a tested, but this d e c rea se was not s ta tis tica lly significant.

It was concluded, on the ba sis of the re su lts of the within groups comparison, that modern dance in crea sed flexibility and body balance in college freshman football p la y e r s .