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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The purpose of this study was to compare tbs physical fitness levels between • .rads too girls enrolled ii: « vsieal education program whioh included tntor- •«MiuiUo oonpetitiive sports tetiviUM and grad© ton girls enrolled In a physical education program which did not include such activities!#

This study was direotly concerned with physical fitness m measured 'by the frond Bows Public dehools Physical efficiency Test. The students Involved wore 38 grade ten girls tiftm dt»and Porfea Central High Sebooi* Tf*«nd Berks, borih tamoba, and 30 grade ten girls from Brandon Collegiate institute, Brandon, Manitoba,

The pretest was administered to both groups the sixth weefc of the 1965-06 school year. The post test; was administered to both groups the second wee*, of April of the 1965-66 sehool year.

The null hypothesis was assumed with reepeet to the differences between the wens of both groups. The hypothesis was tested with the *tM technique for checking significance of difference between roans*

The conclusions indicated by this study were# 1. Neither the *-rande» physical education program nor the "rand floras physical education program produced W&P& oc oant chap tgoa any o f tl. lO selected ifceasures loai -V y., iess the c Pice plan .06 1 oval.

. tr.o two gpen Tf& vri &n the r.-ost teat results '**•#

** • pon the dat za ool loot ed In this study neither intradural na»r interacholoatlo competition lnor®-:.a«sti the pliysioal fitness level or the 'll 5 ' ’flrS ■Jv * V S&i / V«.* 0