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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)




This study is an in-depth look at caffeine use and its effect on individuals who work within a safety and security sensitive job industry. The focus of this paper is on the current use of caffeine in our society as well as the overuse/abuse of the drug and the causes behind it. This paper will highlight the negative impacts caffeine has on the human body and its cognitive thinking skills but does not neglect the positive impacts as well. Caffeine in energy drinks and similar products is used in an attempt to retain one’s alertness and focus, with little regard to one’s health. Possible risks and/or side effects are outweighed in many circumstances by the potential benefits of caffeine when combatting fatigue. Long workdays and lack of adequate sleep are considered common drivers of this need for caffeine and its potential for overuse. With unregulated marketing of these products, the trend of caffeine consumption continues to rise as the demands of a competitive job industry increases.