Date of Award

January 2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Space Studies

First Advisor

Sherry K. Fieber-Beyer


This study investigates the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) spectral properties (0.4-2.5-μm) of five Tholen G-class asteroids. Spectral features relating to hydrated Fe- or Mg-rich minerals have been identified at 0.7-μm, 0.95-μm, 1.4-μm, 1.9-μm, and 2.3-μm, while spectral features that may be related to CH or NH compounds were identified at 1.14-μm and 1.25-μm. (1) Ceres lacks features related to hydrated minerals and is spectrally disparate from the other four investigated asteroids. (13) Egeria, (19) Fortuna, (84) Klio, and (130) Elektra all exhibit at least two measurable features that may be related to hydrated minerals. (19) Fortuna, (84) Klio, and (130) Elektra each exhibit similar spectral slope and feature intensity, while (13) Egeria has a bluer slope and more intense features. These differences may be related to (13) Egeria’s higher density, surface particle size, or the effects of space weathering.