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Education, Health & Behavior Studies


This study Is a condensation of a book written by the author, for snore extensive information please refer to "JES.ICHO-A MODERN SYSTEM OE PASS DEFENSE” written by DeWayne (Dewey) King, published by Prentice- Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in July, 1963.

The subject of this thesis is pass defense in football. After .an introductory chapter the author writes about pass defense in its entirety. Chapter II is devoted to The Theory of Pass Defense; where the three types of pass coverage are described and the five measures that can be used to combat a good pass offense are discussed.

Chapter III deals with the Psychological Factors in Pass Defense. The author writes concerning a philosophy of pass defense—'"Playing pass defense la very important and a singular honor.” "It is a challenge and it is fun.” The coach mat "Build a belief and develop an esprit de corps” amongst the pass defenders.

The Basic Principles of Pass Defense are covered in Chapter IV. The ten principles are: 1. Know alignment and stance. 2. Identify opponent's formations. 3. Know adjustments to opponent’s formations. 4. Know who the potential long receivers are. 5. Know the keys. 6. Know what flow mans. 7. Know what pre-de terrains means. 8. Know what eye-control is and what responsibilities are. 9. Know what the masse ie. 10. Maintain verbal conraunicition. The cardinal rule of all pass defense is: Mo one gets behind yon.

Chapter V is devoted to Three Deep Pass Defense Coverage. The ten basic principles are covered in relation to three deep coverage. Also, the responsibilities of the defensive backs against the running gases, from three deep alignment is explained in detail.

The final chapter of the thesis concerns itself with a summary and recommendations regarding the teaching of pass defense. A Glossary of Terms at the end of the study concludes the diesis.