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Master of Science (MS)




Harvey W. Holm, Master of Science

The thesis here abstracted was written under the direction of Dr. Richard M. Marwln and approved by Dr. Robert G. Fischer and Dr. Jerald L. Connelly as members of the examlng committee of which Or. Marwln was Chairman.

White Swiss mice are generally resistant to Candida albicans injected 1ntraper1tonea11y. An effort was made to determine 1f surfactants when combined with Candida albicans would decrease the LD50 of this organism. The surfactants tested were Plurafac B26, Polyethylene Glycol 1*00 Mono Laurate, Mulsor 22k, and Pluronlc L62. Peritoneal leukocyte and differential counts, tissue sections, and blood cultures were done to determine the action of surfactants.

The following conclusions were made: (a) Plurafac B26, Polyethylene Glycol 1*00 Mono Laurate, Pluronlc L62, and Mulsor 221* increase mouse susceptibility to Candida albicans, (b) The degree of susceptibility enhancement varies among the surfactants tested. (c) Plurafac B26 Initially destroys leukocytes in the peritoneal cavity. (d) Massive Invasion of the pancreas may be the cause of death of animals given a Candida albicans - surfactant combination 1ntra- perttoneal1y.

The results suggest that surfactants may be a diagnostic tool of value 1n enhancing mouse susceptibility to Candida albicans.