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Master of Arts (MA)


Economics & Finance


The purposes of this thesis were: (1) to analyse application of African Socialism in Kenya's economic goals for the 1964-70 period; (2) to show that growth is the first concern of planning in Kenya, and that the responsibility for the success of African Socialism in attaining this objective is a dual one. Besides government's efforts, the people themselves must contribute zeal for exertion and efficiency, and high standards of personal and professional integrity in every walk of life.

In order to attain its goal, the government is establishing new economic institutions and modifying old ones, freely choosing models from the successful economies of the world, adapting them to suit Kenya's conditions and, in the process, developing new concepts of economic organization. Ideological concerns ignored, the only criterion is the effectiveness of the institution in achieving greater welfare for all the people.

To ensure that the benefits of an expanding economy are widely enjoyed, the government is promoting the greatest possible participation of Africans in both the public private sectors of the economy.

This development pia,i is only the beginning of a move towards greater welfare through vigorous economic growth, and if it succeeds, the average annual family income will be 20G by 1970.

Ir. conclusion, the most important policies of the development plan should provide a firm basis for rapid economic growth. Other immediate problems such as Africanization of the economy, education, unemployment, welfare services, and provincial policies muse be handled in ways that will not jeopardise growth.