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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology & Public Health Education


The purpose of the study was to compile a history of the Women's Physical Education Department at the University of North Dakota. The historical method of research was followed with limited use of the questionnaire technique of research.

The historical method included the collection of data which were grouped into a time and subject sequence. Material x^as criticized and interpreted by accepted historical techniques. This particular method included the treatment of data for cause and effect x-diich permitted the development of patterns for testing of che hypotheses.

A questionnaire x^as developed and sent to select individuals which included former women teachers of physical education at che University of North Dakota. These data were tabulated and subjected to accepted historical methods of treatment.

The history included the period from 1883 until July, 1968. It covered the history of the department, department directors, and clubs and organizations within the department.

Generally it may be concluded there was .ontinuous growth and development of the department. Much of the success could be credited to the directors for their constant work, interest and Inspiration. Physical education status always appeared to be high. The various clubs and organizations appeared to enhance the status.