Jered Lease

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Master of Science (MS)




In order to help combat a recent increase in the number of General Aviation accidents, the Federal Aviation Administration has endorsed a new pilot training curriculum known as FAA/Industry Training Standards. This new training program incorporates Scenario Based Training (SBT) which differs from traditional pilot training, known as Maneuver Based Training (MBT), by utilizing scripted “real world” scenarios to introduce maneuvers and provide pilots in training with more decision making opportunities. Although variations of SBT have been used extensively in other fields such as the education, law enforcement, and medical industries, there is no definitive research in the aviation field that compares traditional MBT to SBT in a Private Pilot Certification Course. This study seeks to pilot that research. The study compared two groups of students – one taught using MBT the other SBT – in the Title 14 CFR Part 141 Private Pilot Certification Course on the campus of the University of North Dakota. The mean performance of the two groups was compared in the following areas by using an independent group t test: flight, ground and simulator training times, scores on a pilot judgment questionnaire, and basic navigation skills using navigation tracks recorded on the final check-ride. There were no significant differences found in any of the measures.